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    Version 1.0.265 - REV 40149 (Aurelius) / 8.12.2015
    • Uncle Frost's Arrival- Uncle Frost has arrived in Albion (find him!) and cities have been decorated to celebrate the turn of the year. There are also some special vanity items available from vanity stores all over Albion!
    New Features
    • Combat Mode- turn this on in options to prevent looting, harvesting and other non-fighting interactions in combat.
    • Forced Move- use this action to give a move command which will not select, interact or attack (default: right click)
    • Gateway & Open World Keeper Dungeons- Keeper Dungeons have been completely re-worked. Dungeons now connect multiple clusters and special guardians within them protect access to special gateways. Gateways dungeon can only be entered by the players who defeated the guardian (up to 5) and are designed as a highly challenging PvE experience. You can encounter many re-worked and improved Keeper Mobs in dungeons and gateways!
    • Combat Status Indicator- Your character portrait outline will pulse while you're "in combat"
    • New Chat channels- A trade (/trade or /tr), Recruit (/recruit or /rec) and a Help channel (/help or /h) for your messages. We kindly request you use these channels instead of global for trade offers, guild recruitment and player to player support.
    • Chat Channel Name & Timestamps Options- You can now configure your chat tabs to display timestamps (in server time) and/or channel names in front of chat messages
    • Safe Zone Hellgates- A new type of Hellgate which spawns in Tier 4 safe areas and grants access to a lesser hell- which follows yellow zone PvP rules and drops silver and gems instead of souls.
    • Labourer Trophies & Trophy Hunting Journals- Added the first set of labourer trophies which allow you to push your labourer's yield to 150%. To get a trophy, get a trophy hunting journal from your labourer!
    • New Spells- 11 new spells were added to weapons (details coming soon)
    New Spells
    • Axe / Great Axe / Scythe
      • Heroic Strike (Slot 1)
        A strong blow which instantly deals physical damage to the target. This spell costs much less energy than the other slot 1 spell.
      • Heavy Smash (Slot 2)
        A heavy targeted instant attack dealing heavy damage, while also reducing their physical & magical resistance.
    • Bows
      • Explosive Arrows (Slot 2)
        Self buff: The next five Auto-Attacks deal additional splash damage to the target an all enemies around it.
    • Cross Bows
      • Caltrops (Slot 2)
        Creates a small Player based trap. The first enemy entering it, is extremly slowed and a DoT is applied.
    • Hammers
      • Stalling Slam (Slot 1)
        Single Target Attack that slows enemy cooldown reduction.
      • Knockout (Slot 2)
        Single Target Attack that makes the target fall asleep
      • Holy Staves
        • Holy Beam (Slot 2)
          Channeled Healing Beam, gets stronger the longer it is channeled
      • Quarter Staff / Iroc-Clad Staff / Double Bladed Staff
        • Heavy Cleave (Slot 2)
          Very strong delayed AoE damage in front of the player.
        • Spears
          • Cripple (Slot 2)
            Single Target Attack that damages and slows & removes all movement buffs from the target
          • Swords
            • Cleave (Slot 1)
              You attack your target, and everyone close to it gets also hit
            • Charged Blade (Slot 2)
              Self-channeled buff that increases damage for. The longer it is channeled the higher the damage buff. On 5 or more stacks, the next Auto-Attack will deal additional damage and consume the buff.
            Feature Changes
            • Stackable items which previously stacked to 99 now stack to 999
            • Increased silver dropped on player death by 3x (now equivalent of salvage value)
            • You can now harvest up to 3 resource charges at once (up to 5 for the last 5 charges), except on T1 resources
            • You can now add up to 30 resource into a construction site, building upgrade or repair at once. Time to insert resources into these has been halved.
            • Some spells now unlock on lower tier weapons
            • UI: Current load percentage is now being displayed on the inventory icon in the HUD.
            • UI: Added a cogwheel icon next to player portraits to signify location of ingame menu
            • Food effects are no longer removed on knockdown
            • Fast travel costs now depend on number and safety levels of regions crossed (calculated using the shortest path), but base baggage fee has been lowered to 5% of item value to compensate a little.
            • Exits now transfer you as soon as you can change region (no more running nack and forth hoping to get transferred)
            • Moved the minimap slightly up, so that it is not covered by the faction symbol and map name
            • Default audio volume was set to 70% for new installations
            • UI: "Tax" is now displayed as "Guild Tax" in silver pickup overhead message
            • Significantly increased weight limit of chests (about 350% increase)
            • Added WarLegend guild logo
            • Founder's Looking Glass now acts as a generalist trophy for labourers
            • Added new minimap icon for hellgates & gateways
            • Slight visual rework of the Gold Market main page
            • UI: Added highlight and pushed state for items in inventory and containers
            • UI: Added selected state to spell selection and changed highlight state
            • UI: Added highlight and select state for destiny board achievements
            • UI: Added highlight and select state for craftable item list in craftbuilding UI
            • Replaced placeholder icons of food buffs with new icon
            • Performance optimizations and stability improvements
            • Lowered starting LP for new characters to from 300 to 100, but increased 30 day premium reward from 300 to 500 (starting LP for founders remains the same)
            Combat Balance Changes
            • Axes
              • Adrenaline Boost:
                Bonus to damage is doubled
              • Whirlwind:
                Damage per tick increased by 40%
            • Bows
              • Rapid Fire:
                • Damage buff is increased by 70%
              • Magic Arrow
                • Stun duration reduced by 30%
                • Damage increased by 60%
                • Projectile speed increased by 15%
            • Crossbows
              • Auto Fire:
                • Damage per tick increased by 30%
              • Exploding Shot
                • Fixed the spell behavior: It now ignites one target that explodes in an AoE.
            • Cursed Staffs
              • Vile Curse:
                • Range: 11m -> 8m
                • Damage per tick reduced by 12%
              • Area of Decay
                • Radius: 5m -> 4m
                • Doesn't get canceled on auto attack
                • Channeltime: 10 -> 6
                • Damage per tick reduced by 12%
            • Daggers
              • Disembowel:
                • Hit Interval: 0.5s -> 0.3s
                • Root per hit: 1s -> 0.5s
            • Fire Staffs
              • Wall of Flames:
                • After getting hit, the target becomes immune to the fire wall for 3 secs.
              • Meteor
                • Damage reduced by 27%
                • Meteor now knocks back on hit
            • Frost Staffs
              • Freezing Wind:
                • Energy cost reduced by 20%
                • Damage increased by 25%
                • Slow increased by 24%
              • Hail
                • Radius: 6m -> 5m
              • Ice Storm
                • Damage reduced by 25%
                • Slow reduced by 18%
            • Hammers
              • Earth Shatter:
                • Damage reduced 22%
                • Stun duration is doubled
                • Energy cost is increased by 55%
              • Groundbreaker
                • The spell has been reworked: It creates a crack on the earth that damages enemies. The inner area of the crack will also stun them.
              • Giant Steps
                • Bonus damage has been doubled
            • Holy Staffs
              • Smite:
                • Damage has been increased by 50%
              • Holy Explosion
                • Doesn't get canceled on damage
            • Nature Staffs
              • Poison Thorns:
                • Damage has been doubled
              • Rejuvenation
                • Energy cost has been reduced by 15%
                • Cooldown: 3s -> 2s
                • Max Stack: 2 -> 3
              • Circle of Life
                • Max affected targets: unlimited -> 4
            • Sword
              • Fling:
                • Enddistance: -5m -> -10m
            • Medium Helmets
              • Meditation:
                • Cooldown: 180s -> 70s
              • Defenseless Rush
                • Duration: 10s -> 5s
                • Cooldown: 60s -> 40s
            • Heavy Armors
              • Pull Area:
                • Does minor damage on hit
                • Radius: 6m -> 5m
                • Enddistance: 1m -> 2m away from caster
              • Root Prison
                • Does minor damage each tick
                • Radius: 5m -> 4m
                • Cleanses makes immune to the rootfield
            • General Changes
              • AoE Damage Escalation
                • Escalation starts only after hitting 6 targets (previously 3)
                • Escalation caps at 15 targets hit (previously 12)
                • Enddistance: 1m -> 2m away from caster
              • Focus Fire
                • Slightly weakened Focus Fire Protection strength overall
                • Slightly increased Healing Sickness strength overall
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    • Bugfixes
      • Harvesting rocks now uses the correct animation when using a tool
      • Added missing special characters from several localized languages.
      • Fixed salad and pie buff foods, should now work as intended
      • DPS of weapons is now displayed correctly in item info
      • Fixed item value of T6 faction tokens being 10x too high
      • Fixed Bug: "Not enough LP" for Scythe Fighter, even though enough LP exist
      • Fixed 'Attack Speed Chance' passive on crossbow decreasing attack speed (instead of increasing)
      • Added many missing destiny board achievement reward and title texts
      • Territory dungeon entrances in "Jawbone Stair" & "Stillwater" should now correctly lead to a silver crypt dungeon as intended
      • Fixed tooltip not being displayed for spells of meals and potions
      • Fixed Gold Market graph being drawn twice if client runs for a long time
      • Fixed missing localization of mob names in character kill/death history
      • Fixed visual issues with displaying founder's hats in character selection screen
      • Fixed fame changes not appearing in open labourer's journal item info
      • Fixed several missing region connections / one way-exits
      • Fixed scroll speed being dependent on FPS
      • Fixed payout amount from land auctions to return the correct amount to winner
      • Fixed daily mail limit of 30 mails to be account based rather than character based
      Mobile Platforms
      • Added option to reduce resolution (non GUI only) on mobile devices (increases performance significantly)
      • Limited maximum amount of visual effects playing on mobile devices to avoid crashes in crowded combat situations
      • Optimized game shaders on mobile
      • Fixed game crashing while loading on some Android devices
      • Fixed android updater not displaying percentages correctly
      • Android Performance Optimizations
      • Disabled additional point lights in character selection screen on mobile devices (much better performance)
      Known Issues
      • Re-Work of refining branch and destiny board fame has been postpone due to setup complications, but will be addressed in a patch soon
      • Currently only one healing beam can be active on a target- this will be changed in a future patch
      • Under some circumstances the animation of the whirlwind spell is not removed
      • The final boss in the safe zone hellgates forgot his special attacks- this will be addressed in a future patch
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    Update Dec 16th (Destiny Board rework) - Changelog
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    Destiny Board Rework
    • Re-Worked Destiny Board fame requirements and fame gained from actions. Progression beyond T4 should now be significantly easier. Also reworked the structure of the gathering and refining trees. Any fame gained towards your achievements will be converted into the new system.
    Mob Fame Rework
    • Mob fame no longer depends on how long mobs were alive. Mobs now always give the same fame based on their type.
    Improved Hellgate Rewards
    • Mobs in Hellgates now yield significantly more fame than regular mobs (4x for red / 2x for yellow).
    • Mobs in Hellgates now drop significantly more silver (+66%).
    Improved Treasure Chest Rewards
    • Relic lockers now drop between 37,500 and 52,500 silver. They also drop T4 gems.
    • Relic chests now drop between 180,000 and 270,000 silver. They also drop T5 gems.
    • Relic coffers now drop between 900,000 and 1,500,000 silver. They also drop T6 gems.
    Adjusted Spawn Rates
    • Set the spawn rate of T5 mobs and resources to 300%
    • Set the spawn rate of T6 mobs and resources to 300%
    • Set the spawn rate of T7+ mobs and resources to 200%
    Fast Travel Costs Rework
    • Significantly increased fast travel cost by increasing the baggage fees to 20% of item value (was 5%).
    • Increase cost factor of travelling through yellow and red zones even further.
    Other Changes
    • Small changes to button labels in gold market to differentiate between gold buying and gold trading (English only until the next major update in January).
    • Spawn protection buffs now make you immune to stacked up buffs & debuffs to prevent exploits.
    • Significantly reduced refining times (up to 90%).
    • When building, repairing or upgrading buildings you can now install up to 30 resources per click.
    • Improved the description texts of farming and crafting achievements.
    • Reduced Transmutation times by 90%.


    Cursed Staffs
    • Vile Curse:
      • Damage Reduced by 7%
      • Range: 9m -> 8m
    • Area of Decay:
      • Tick interval 1s -> 1.5s
    • Knockout:
      • Lowered the duration of the sleep by 20%
      • Made mounted targets immune to the effects of the sleep
      • Targets become immune to Knockout for 20 seconds after being knocked out.
    Fire Staves
    • Meteor Strike:
      • Knockback doesn't ignore CC Resist anymore.

    • Added missing alcohol recipes to high tier alchemist buildings
    • Fixed the connections for the Siege Camp in "Weedriver". You can now use it to attack adjacent territories.
    • Fixed mouse wheel scrolling in alliance menu being reversed
    • Fixed butcher buildings not being upgradeable beyond T5
    • Fixed T6 guildhalls not being unlockable on destiny board
    • Fixed all Level 2/3 weapons not allowing you to use T5+ weapons of the appropriate base type to unlock them
    • Removed invisible collision prefabs on Guild Island Upgrade 4, so they dont block player movement anymore
    • Fixed a problem with the market place search field which would cause the client to log out
    • Fixed the Rejuvenating Mushroom spell on nature staff also healing enemy targets
    • Fixed an technical issue with island instances not shutting down properly
    • Fixed a visual issue with projectile orientation
    • Fixed cast range of Vile Curse (should now be 8m)
    • Fixed hotkey settings getting lost on restart if you tried to assign a key already in use
    • Fixed the time for scheduled battles in a territory being displayed incorrectly on world map
    • Fixed the Healing Beam, it can now be cast by multiple sources on one target.
    • Stacks of items no longer give PvP kill Fame.
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    Version 1.0.268 - REV 40794 / 17.12.2015
    • Coldtide Prison territory is now claimable.
    • Animal grow times corrected, should now be 22h with Premium on an island (excepting special mounts, which take longer).
    • Fixed Fame generated by crafting from farmed resources (ie meals and potions, as well as intermediate items such as bread).
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    Live Server / Revision #41669
    Director's Notes

    • Happy New Year everyone! With this patch we're officially ending the holiday season in Albion and start off by fixing some of the most urgent issues you reported to us. We will follow this up with a feature release later this month, which will bring in some much needed convenience features in addtion to more dungeon content re-works and gateways. Watch the website for more information about this soon!
    • Christmas is over, twelfth night has passed, and the decorations have been taken down.
    • Fame on all Veteran and Elite mobs increased as follows:
      • Veteran - 2.5x
      • Veteran Miniboss - 9x
      • Veteran Boss - 12x
      • Elite - 4x
      • Elite Miniboss - 12x
      • Elite Boss - 70x
    • Overhauled Labourer and Journal Fame values, to match new player progression numbers.
    • Reduced gem chance, and increased Labourer Fame gained from gems to compensate, on Novice and Journeyman Mercenary's Journals.
    • Reduced Fame requirements for unlocking Expert and higher Stone Hammers, as the lack of higher-level rock makes them advance slower on average at higher tiers.
    • Killing enemy players in GvG matches now scores 4 points, up from 2 previously.
    • All Hellgates in Red and Yellow zones are now T5, and contain T5 mobs.
    • Transmutators now have separate tabs for Wood, Rock, Fiber, Ore, Hide, and Other.
    • Altered Destiny Board requirements so that it should now always be possible to progress towards unlocking an item by doing tasks up to two tiers lower. For example, you can progress towards unlocking T6 weapons and armor by killing T5 or T4 mobs. Note that higher level items count as being part of higher tiers!
    • Overhauled the farming tree of the Destiny Board, most significantly impacting items crafted from farmables. A player who farms every day and plays for two hours every day should now find all their farm-related progression advances uniformly, and keeps up with their progression in other areas.
    • Fixed an exploit where players would receive too much fame when going invisible in a group fight (Frost/Glacial staff exploit).
    • It should now be possible to attack buildings while in forced combat mode.
    • It should no longer be possible to loot players who haven't respawned, while in forced combat mode.
    • Active spell (ie selected but not yet cast) is now deactivated on knockdown.
    • UI text should no longer be broken when switching to fullscreen.
    • Fixed an error that occurred when mounting while repairing.
    • It should now be possible to click on siege camps on the world map to get info about them.
    • Removed duplicate entry for Steel Bar from Master and above Smelters.
    • Fixed Master's Axe making the player invisible.
    • Fixed the issue where Crafting Focus was used on your first craft, in the case where Focus was off but had been switched on the last time you logged out.
    • Spreading Flame skill on Infernal Staff should now spread its flame correctly.
    • Fixed a number of text issues in the Destiny Board.
    • Beginner and Journeyman Tinker's Journals should now correctly progress when crafting Journeyman's Capes.
    • It should now be possible to unlock crafting of Level 3 Elder's items in the Destiny Board.
    • It should now be possible to unlock use of Undead Book off-hand and Elder's Light Leather Armor in the Destiny Board.
    • Fixed icons for Trophy journals.
    • Fixed the issue where "above average" and "below average" were reversed in the market window, so prices below average were shown as being above average and vice versa.
    • It is now possible to upgrade to Master's Butcher.
    • Fixed a bug where animal growth in territories was half as fast, rather than twice as fast as it should be.
    • Somewhat reduced maximum durability on two-handed weapons to keep behind-the-scenes balance math consistent.
    • Fixed faction reputation threshold values to properly reflect the design.
    • Fixed Enchanted Light Expert's Cloth Items receiving incorrect bonuses on Destiny Board
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    Feature Release / Version 1.0.268 - REV x / 20.01.2016


    • The Undead have their day in the sun:
      • New dungeons!
      • New mobs!
      • New bosses!
    • Other spooky things that you will discover!
    • There is now a Repair All button in the repair interface.
    • All normal minimap icons should now also appear on the cluster map.
    • There is now an option to reduce the size of primary HUD elements by 20%.
    • Added the option to enable VSync.
    • Added the option to set a frame rate limit.
    • Potions and food can now be stacked up to 999 units at a time, but are still limited to 10 items (food)/5 items (potions) in their respective equipment slots.
    • It is now possible to equip an item by dragging it to any point in the upper half of the inventory interface; it will automatically be equipped to the correct slot.
    • Made some performance improvements on tablet clients when viewing scenes with large numbers of certain objects.
    • Added the ability to select and delete multipe emails. Also added the ability to select all market mails with a single click.
    • Made it possible to see connected dungeons on the worldmap when selected.
    • Added additional feedback when attempting to activate spells that aren't currently castable.
    • Added a new shortcut: shift-clicking an item (or stack) in the inventory, bank or container can be used to move the item/stack to the inventory/bank/container if open, or from the inventory to repair/salvage/reforge/feed.
    • Added the option to show spells at the bottom of the screen rather than at the side.
    • Added a feature to collect all completed orders from the marketplace at once.
    • Improved shop categories considerably.
    • Improved feedback when spells come off cooldown.
    • Updated menu buttons in the top-right.
    • Added a delay before leaving the duel area counts as losing the duel, so players who involuntarily leave the area can re-enter if they're quick.
    • Enabled Master's, Grandmaster's and Elder's beds and tables to be crafted in appropriate Toolmakers.
    • Chance of an item being destroyed on death has increased from 20% to 30%.
    • Substantially improved the Destiny Board HUD, allowing multiple sizes and making the requirements clearer.
    • Improved the information given in craft listings: below the item name, it now tells you what resources and quantities you need, and shows the numbers in red if you don't have sufficient resources.
    • Reduced weight of journals.
    • Divided craft times of bread, flour, butter and alcohol by 10.
    • It is now possible to kill your horse in more productive ways.
    • Added the ability to sort and stack items in banks.
    • Added a "Quick Equip" button to banks
    • Added the ability to use Guild ranks in the access rights system.
    • Guild Islands are now always owned by the Guild Master.
    • Improved feedback when clicking on uncapturable capture points in GvG.
    • Added Novice's Tome of Spells item.
    • Increased durability of all weapons, armors and accessories by 50%.
      • NOTE: this will result in all previously full-durability items becoming 66% durability, and similar reductions in percentage durability for damaged items. No durability points are lost, but some items may cross damage thresholds as a result.
    • Balanced Elder's Claws (normal and Enchanted) to be the correct levels. This affects their crafting requirements and balance values.
    • Added a small light effect to your player in the new Undead dungeons; this will be added to more areas of the game over time.
    • Beginner's Sickle has had its mesh corrected.
    • Fixed the Sword Wall spell on Claymore to not force you to stand still immediately after casting.
    • Fixed some issues where mobs would get stuck and no longer patrol.
    • You can no longer reply to mails from "system".
    • Disabled mission-less agents in Smuggler's Cove and Breakers' Bay.
    • Made it possible to upgrade Master's Alchemist.
    • Made it possible to craft Grandmaster's Demolition Hammer in Elder's Toolmaker.
    • Fixed an issue with transmutation not working correctly.
    • Fixed castle silver payouts: they should now be between 900,000 and 1,000,000 silver.
    • Fixed icon on passive movement spells for medium armor.
    • Fixed numerous issues with Destiny Board requirements and rewards.
    • Rounded up some journal rewards that were previously rounded down.
    • Fixed Repeating Crossbow mob tier requirements on the Destiny Board.
    • Fixed certain issues with charge-up effects not removing charges in certain PvP siutations.
    • Fixed an issue with players being knocked through territory barriers in GvG.
    • Fixed an issue with mob/player facing while feared.
    • Fixed an issue where mounts breaking while mounted didn't dismount the player.
    • Fixed some Fame values in Tinker's Journals, and stopped them returning higher-level materials that aren't used in any Toolmaker recipes.
    • Fixed issues where leaving dungeons in PvP areas would display a warning that you were entering dangerous territory.
    • Made it impossible to try and salvage an item that returns no resources.
    • Fixed some issues with Recruiter's Cape.
    • Made Enchanted Expert's Cloth equipment count towards Destiny Board advancements.
    • Removed a mob aggro exploit.
    • Fixed an issue where mobs with no rewards could spawn right after the server starts up.
    • Fixed an issue where cooldown reduction was reducing non-cast cooldowns (eg moving between regions).
    • Fixed fully-grown farm animals in farm territories having their nutrition capacity reduced.
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