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Discussion in 'Guild section' started by Pilgrim, Mar 22, 2016.

  1. Pilgrim

    Pilgrim Guild Council Staff Member

    So with the upcoming Incursions (early April) It is time to see if we can setup some fireteams so that we can get things rolling and also to see the interest of people for it. Once I know more I will create ranks for people on Discord including a channel for those fireteams. So if you are interested, make sure to post it here.

    People interested:
    Pilgrim (DPS / Tank)
    @Ryatzu (Buffer)
    @Fest (DPS)
    @Spiritraiser (Support)
    @Brynklad (DPS)
    @Twido (flexible)

    Fireteam 1

    Fireteam 2
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  2. Ryatzu

    Ryatzu High Templar

    Im up for it as a buffer role :)
  3. Fest

    Fest Guild Member

    DPS with SMG/DMR, not too fussed what abilities that incorporates the obvious one would be barrage currently
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  4. Spiritraiser

    Spiritraiser Guild Member

    I am interested as well although bit behind atm. I usually play as a support/flanker! :)
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  5. Brynklad

    Brynklad KDS member

    I am interested I guess currently DPS (smg/dmr) but still gathering gear to get past 112kdps/77khps
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  6. Twido

    Twido Guild Member

    I'm interested and can be fairly flexible with my role.
  7. Keldin

    Keldin Guild Member

    Interested as long as I can head-shot Weasel :)
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  8. DarthNeo

    DarthNeo Guest

    I would be very interested also, not 100% sure but either dps or support :)
  9. Uberbasher

    Uberbasher KDS member

    Need some time to think about this. Not very certain if i have the time lately.
  10. Vuthaejir

    Vuthaejir Guild Member

    I'm up for it, currently 120ish dps 46k hp and 2k tech.
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  11. Pilgrim

    Pilgrim Guild Council Staff Member

    Okay, just before I am going on vacation, time to setup the fireteams, I will create 2 (and will see if there is going to be more people interested!)

    Fireteam 1 [Members: Pilgrim, @Moods @Azi @Twido @Brynklad @Fest ]
    CO: Pilgrim
    XO: @Moods
    Member 1: @Fest
    Member 2: @Azi
    Member 3: @Twido
    Member 4: @Brynklad

    Fireteam 2 [members: @DarthNeo @Ryatzu @Keldin @Weasel @Vuthaejir @Spiritraiser ]
    Member 1:
    Member 2:
    Member 3:
    Member 4:

    From team 2, I would like you guys to figure out who will be the CO and the XO, I have created a channel on Discord for discussions etc, feel free to use it! it will be seen by only the members of the fireteams
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  12. Spiritraiser

    Spiritraiser Guild Member

    any advised skill setups? :)
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  13. Keldin

    Keldin Guild Member

    Well, there will be a few buffs that we will want to have up permanently (pulse for instance). We either have to get that by having 2 people alternating, or having enough skill recharge on the caster (better option since a team can then bring more skills).

    Personally I am running smart cover + pulse
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  14. SpartacusNLD

    SpartacusNLD Guild Member

    yeah i am realy up for this! 130 - 200k dps / 80k health / 10k skill
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  15. DarthNeo

    DarthNeo Guest

    I am working to change my stats and currently around 150k DPS / 70K Stamina and around 30K Electronics (going for the pulse build combined with for example sticky bomb)
  16. Moods

    Moods Guild Member

    I will be running healing/support build, currently got around 35k Skillpower, but still optimizing gear for this setup.
  17. Moods

    Moods Guild Member

    Fireteam 1 [Members: (CO) Pilgrim, (XO) Moods, Azi, Twido Brynklad, Fest ]
    Fireteam 2 [Members: DarthNeo, Uray25, Spiritraiser, CozakDennis, Keldin ]
    Fireteam 3 [Members: SpartacusNLD, Nitro, Wise, ]

    Latest setup, this is very preliminary as I am still missing specs from ALOT of people, and will begin to harass those who haven't reported back and switch around people in the groups based off this info.
  18. Pilgrim

    Pilgrim Guild Council Staff Member

    @Merketh can you five the ppl for fireteam 2 and 3 the discord rank? That way they have access to the discord channel. I cannot do it through my phone
  19. Keldin

    Keldin Guild Member

    Just a quick update gear-wise.

    I now run 125k dps AR, 57k HP and 30K skill. I am using smart cover + pulse (crit hit and dmg). So I am guessing I fall more in the support role than glass cannon :)
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  20. Cozakdennis

    Cozakdennis Guild Member

    Currently using: crap-rolled vector, purple m1A/purple SCAR-L(backup)
    setup 1: 145k dps, 54k hp, 10k sp :rolleyes: +-61% armor(65 in cover), 10% extra mitigation from elites
    setup 2: 135k dps, 54k hp, 18k sp +-59% armor, 10% extra mitigation from elites

    most used skills atm: scan and first aid defib

    a lot of items are still fairly easy to upgrade, so this could be outdated very soon.
    If i dont update fast enough, give me a poke ;)
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