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    Hi all,

    now that the beta test is in full swing, we want to share with your our backlogs of features and improvements that we are working on.

    This will also help you to check if something that you currently miss in our game is already on our minds.

    • The categories do not represent a particular order in which things will be done
    • The backlog is not complete - if something is not on the backlog, this does not mean that we won't do it.
    • A lot of smaller stuff has been left out intentionally for easier readability
    • The backlog goes beyond the beta stage: not everything on this list will be done during the beta test
    • The backlog is subject to change.

    0. Account Security
    • Email Verfication when your account logs in from a different country
    • Email Verification when your account logs in from a different device
    • Security Check via external company
    • 2 Step Authentification
    • More Chat Moderation Tools

    1. User Interface and Quality of Life Improvements + PC specific UI improvements
    • Repair all button
    • Auto-sort and stack button in bank / inventory
    • Tab targeting (Under discussion, share your views in our poll)
    • Forced move on right click
    • Attack move (similar to how it works in Starcraft / Dota / League of Legends)
    • Shift-Click to move items between inventory and bank/chest
    • Fast salvage
    • Collect all button in market place
    • Smart Casting (see League of Legends)
    • Larger stack sizes - up to 999
    • Allowing items (such as weapons) to stack as well
    • Changing the ability system such that you only chose abilities only when you first equip an item - allows you to sell "blank" items on the player market, thus, improving trade
    • Improved in-game mail system (Report spam option, bulk deletion, possibly multiple mailboxes, etc)
    • PC optimized HUD
    • Improved guild management system (better rights management, multi tiered guild wallet, etc)
    • Improved guild member list
    • Properly working ESC key on PC
    • Ability to rename and/or delete characters
    • Better fast travel UI
    • More chat channels: trade chat, guild recruitment, beginner help, etc
    • Better chat moderation and reporting options
    • Profanity filter for chat (can be turned on and off)
    • The load threshold at which you can no longer move at all will be increased such that you will usually not be stuck after dismounting
    • Make it easier for healers/supporters to receive fame when being part of a group
    • Two click auto attack (can be set as an option to avoid accidentally attacking somebody)
    • Show players and mobs that are hidden by objects, such as trees

    2. New Features
    • Friends List
    • Armor system rework: getting rid of the mismatch between crafting and equipping. Plate armors will always be heavy, leather always be medium, cloth always be light. The different levels of plate/leather/cloth armor will differ from each other similar to how it is currently down with different levels of the same weapon tree.
    • Mission system rework: Training Missions that help you with destiny board progress
    • Gateway Dungeons: Inside of dungeons, there are special gatekeep boss mobs. If you kill them with your group, a portal spawns that your group - and only your group can enter, with a max player limit. Inside of it, there will be very challenging PvE content. In PvP zones, those gatekeeper bosses will be deep inside of dungeons, so you can PvP with other guilds over who gets the right to kill the gatekeeper boss and do the dungeon. In PvE zones, the benefit of this system is that you have your own dungeon and other players cannot annoy/grief you. From a game design perspective, we will be able to produce really cool and challenging PvE content as we know the maximum number of players that will enter.
    • Rework crafting capacity: if out of capacity, a building can still be used but will not give a much reduced efficiency bonus
    • Unique item blueprints: these can be gained as a faction reward or as a very rare world drop. You can combine them with a player made base item to create a "unique" item. (i.e. Combine a tier 6.4 sword with a Morgana Bluepring to create a "Sword of Morgana" which then might be 6.7)
    • Fishing (this one will be amazing, stay tuned for updates)
    • Player built ships (internal discussions are at a very early stage here)
    • Player city management: customization of player cities
    • Scouting mechanics and items
    • Kill mails that can be shared with other players and posted online
    • Better market data (charts etc)
    • Emotes
    • Rare mob spawns: very small random chance that a very rare mob spawns that will drop something special when killed
    • More hellgate variations (such as 5 player FFA, 15 vs 15, etc)
    • Conquerable open world buildings (watchtowers, special castles, etc) that provide benefits to the guild/alliance who holds them
    • Improved player and guild ranking systems, with regular rewards (titles, vanity items, maybe silver, ...) for those who rank highest in a particular month in a particular part of the world. Of course, we will need to do this such that it cannot be exploited
    • Dueling improvements: dynamic wagering options, group dueling
    • Player/guild run taverns
    • Additional Labourers for farming/cooking/fishing
    • War declaration system for guilds

    3. Balance
    • Full rework of destiny board fame and learning points requirement
    • Balancing of group fights: power of AoE spells vs focus firing.
    • Make healer/support weapons more capable of solo PvE
    • Significantly increased silver drop from killing players (there was actually a bug that made the drop amount too low)

    4. Abilities and Items
    • Baby mounts for farming different tiers - making sure that T3 mounts are really easy to get and T8 mounts really hard
    • New type of mount: fast horse, with higher move speed but no load bonus
    • Loads of additional abilities
    • New armors and new armor abilities
    • Make faction items much rarer, but also more unique. They will require a faction blueprint and a base player crafted item to make
    • Unique/special items. They will require a blueprint and a base player crafted item to make
    • Offer 3 different enchantment levels for each weapon/armor, i.e. I can choose whether to enchant an item/armor up to level 4,5 or 6. This removes the perceived high end asymmetry between items.

    5. PvE & Map Design
    • New mob types
    • More and better bossfights
    • New dungeons
    • Improved level and zone design
    • Increased spawn rates in red and black zones

    6. Improve Tablet Performance

    • Achieve higher FPS on tablets

    7. Bugfixes
    There are lots and lots of bug fixes, too numerous to name them all

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    really liking what they are posting so far... has good potential and will go forward this way.
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    PC UI rework