Fame beyond T4 / Progression after T4

Discussion in 'Albion Online' started by Merketh, Dec 7, 2015.

  1. Merketh

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    Hi all,

    there have been multiple threads in the past days about the issue of fame beyond T4.

    We are currently looking into the following avenues to tackle this in the future:
    • In general: destiny board fame values are currently too grindy on the high end. This will be looked at
    • We are also looking into the mob "charge" system and see if improvements can be made in fine tuning it
    • We are likely going to losen up the type of mobs you have to kill in order to progress, allowing you to kill mobs 1 tier below the current destiny board goal.
    • We are looking into various ideas that would allow solo/safe-zone oriented players to progress on the destiny board without undermining the incentives to venture into the PvP zones. We have a really cool concept here that however is still in the early stages, and thus a bit too early to share. (also I am tempted to :))
    All the best,

  2. Pilgrim

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    really liking the way SI is thinking, this should make things easier and feel less grindy tbh