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    Personal Information
    Real Name: Hubert
    Country: Italy, but I'm moving to Norway next week :p
    Age: 26
    Interests: Cooking, rugby, combat sports and beers
    Occupation: Chef, Pastry Chef and Pizza Chef

    Game Information
    Character Name: x1n3
    What time and days are you usually available to play? mostly during the evening 4-5 days every week

    Equipment and Communication Info
    Do you have Teamspeak, a working microphone and the ability to use it? Ye
    If you cannot use Teamspeak to speak at certain times please indicate those times here:
    Do you use IRC? nope
    What type of internet connection do you have? Is it reliable? 8mb here in Italy, I guess will be better in Norway :p

    Why are you interested in joining Mystical Awakening? I like organized pvp, and speaking english with other people could help me a lot now that i'm moving from Italy, I'm a bit (a lot) rusty
    Have you read (and agree with) our Guild Charter: Ye
    Previous MMO Experience: UO, DAoC, 8 years EvE online and a bit of WoW
    What do you consider your best MMO achievements to date?
    What skills, knowledge or other contributions can you bring to Mystical Awakening: I can bring cookies and also a lot of pvp experience in general from mobas (Dota) to mmos
    List your previous guild(s) (from any MMO): Pandemic Legion, Killer Bunnies Workshop
    Reason for leaving your previous guild: I'm not leaving KBW, I just like to play crowfall in a international guild.
    Any existing Mystical Awakening member that can vouch for you? Estylon
    Describe your tolerance to constructive criticism: I have no problems with criticism
    What is your view on alt characters: I love them
    What, based on your MMO experience to date, is the reason you would most likely state for leaving the game? boring mechanics, not enough social aspects in the game, just grind and farm
    Anything else you would like to share/add with us? I REALLY hate instanced pve
  2. Revos

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    :eek: Daoc.. server/realm/char ? ;)
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  3. Ryatzu

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    That last line did it for me, but lets wait for the officers :)
  4. Estylon

    Estylon High Templar

    Well, i can vouch for x1n3.
    He's a focused and great player, i'm playing with him since 2009 (early before we started the whole Aion crap) and we shared a lot of games in most anything we played these last years, including Dota.
    Being a sandbox lover can be a precious addition in the guild for Crowfall.
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  5. x1n3

    x1n3 Recruit

    Vortigern, the italian server

    I was playing a Troll berserker if I remember correctly, it's like hm.. 12 years ago :p
  6. Pilgrim

    Pilgrim Guild Council Staff Member

    hey @x1n3 ! first welcome to the forums! And knowing @Estylon you are part of his mafia family!

    Also, welcome my PL brother!

    I will get back to you asap (after my workout in a bit and when I am fully awake :) )
  7. Pilgrim

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    Welcome to the guild @x1n3 ! make sure to remain active on the forums, join us in a few of our games and bump our thread on the Crowfall forums!
  8. Merketh

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    welcome ;)